Dirty Cash

Pop + Funk Band


It's an all-on-the-dance-floor electric romance when Dirty Cash are around. Known for their “funked-up” house party sound and magnetic charms, they never fail to rouse the feet of those hard-to-please crowds.


To reignite and breathe life into a pre-loved website, presenting a vibrant dynamic that will convey the very essence of their music.

Along with expressing the unique and fascinating features of these talented musicians, accessibility and productivity are essential in order to make their music exciting and attainable to all.

With a clean and flawless format, users can browse at ease on a variety of different platforms. The use of the calendar feature increases awareness of the band’s availability, therefore promoting their work and staging their talent.

Not to mention the imagery and performance videos; how striking in appearance. How it simply presents the spirited nature of the band, their undeniable talent and their unsaturated original sound.

If you like what you see