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Detroit, United States


How do you give your brand a fresh, sleek and professional feel built on confidence and elegance? This is the problem that Legacy Notary Services (LNS) had on their hands. With a bold mission to provide notary, legal and mortgage document signing services. Legacy Notary Services hired EIGHTXXVIII (8:28) to do a makeover of their brand.

Recognizing that it required a bold move to stay ahead of the competitors, we embarked on a mission to help accelerate the business by redesigning a superior and sophisticated visual language that is captivating. Legacy Notary Services rebranding was necessary to represent the new while remaining true to its heritage. It means aligning our creativity and passion with the company's mission and purpose.

  • In order to maintain simplicity, we used feathered pens, also known as quills.
  • To emphasize the new change, we changed the shape of the logo from a rectangle to a circle.
  • Combining serif and sans-serif fonts evokes both a classic and modern look.
  • Feathered pens have a realistic feel created by a stroke between Notary and Services.
  • Each color represents a symbolic meaning. Colors associated with turquoise represent calmness, friendliness, and cheerfulness; purple signifies wisdom, bravery, and spirituality; pink signifies affection, kindness, and femininity; and green represents freshness and nature.

We had to use our creativity, care, and intention to communicate the Legacy Notary Services brand story using all of the resources we had. This means that the company's logo has a human face, so people can easily remember it and connect with it.

"Loved the work they did for me and I love how passionate they are about their work!"
Tamara Rogers, Founder and CEO

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